Agree to Terms for protected pages

You may request users agree to your Terms when accessing protected pages.

There are two scenarios:

  • A user is required to agree to your Terms of Use when registering with your website.
  • A user is required to review and agree changes in your Terms of Use when accessing protected pages.
Within this article we'll explore the second scenario as the first is covered when creating your Terms

Evance maintains a record of the latest Terms a user has agreed to. When this is older than the effective date of your Terms you may request users to agree to your latest terms before continuing to the page they requested.

You may turn this feature on and off as required with your website's Legal Settings. 

  • Click on the Settings (Cog icon) within the left-hand menu. 
  • Click on the Terms & ePrivacy link under "My Business". 
  • Turn on the "User must agree to changes in Terms" switch.
  • Click the "Save settings" button at the bottom of the page.