Open Graph

Evance automatically adds Open Graph meta tags to your website. 

Evance currently supports the following Open Graph properties.

og:title Set from your page’s meta title. If meta title is unavailable the main title for the page will be used.
og:url The absolute URL of the current page.

For Pages the thumbnail image for the page is used.

For Categories the thumbnail image for the category is used.

For Products the primary product image is used.

og:description The short description for Pages, Categories and Products are used to complete this field.
og:locale Uses the current Locale for your website. For single locale sites this is the language and country settings for your website’s default Channel which can be found the settings area within Evance.
og:site_name The name of your company from My Business is used.
og:type Currently, this is hard coded to “website”.

COVID-19 NOTICE – Business as Usual
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