XML Sitemaps

Evance automates the generation of XML sitemaps for your website. 

Your XML sitemap is referenced within your robots.txt file and can be found at:


You should always use the preferred domain for your website when supplying your sitemap to other online services such as Google Webmaster Tools. Using an alternative registered domain, or your evance.me domain, may result in crawl errors due to our 301 redirection rules. 

When visiting the XML file in your web browser you'll notice that sitemap.xml is broken down into three or more sub-sections:

  • /sitemap/pages.xml
  • /sitemap/categories.xml
  • /sitemap/products.xml

Most online services, like Google Webmaster Tools, are able to crawl through to each sub-section and you should NOT supply them in addition to your main sitemap.xml index file. 

COVID-19 NOTICE – Business as Usual
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