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In Evance 5 we completely re-built our product manager for a slicker more fluid management experience. Ultimately we wanted to save you time when editing products & have some new toys.

Comprehensive product manager

Buy/hire physical products

Evance is busting at the seams with features for publishing, promoting, selling or hiring-out physical products on-line. From the small things, like barcode rendering, all the way up to a full-on content management system you're in the driving seat and Evance will take you far. 

Sell digital products

Would you like to sell your digital products on-line? Whether you supply PDFs, games, music or video Evance protects your digital goods making them only available to those who purchase them. You can also mix it up and offer public downloads as a preview.

Stock control

Stock control

Keep on top of your stock situation, manage your product inventory directly in Evance. Set-up low stock level alerts for yourself, limited stock notices and automatically stop sales of products out of stock  or permit pre-order sales.


Evance's warehouse system allows you track your inventory across multiple warehouses, set a preferred warehouse per product, manage replenish reminders and add stock locations to make your pick-and-pack process easier. Each warehouse supports a manager for alert notifications and an address for distance shipping calculations.

Product variations

Small, medium or large. Blue, red or green. Products come in all sort of shapes and sizes. Managing your variations is now easier than ever with our re-design variant system. Each product variant supports its own pricing, photos, stock references, barcode, stock control (including multi-warehouse tracking), shipping calculations and supplier data.


No matter how easy we make our user interface, managing a large product database is an arduous task even for the most avid web user. Evance eases your repetitive strain injuries with a CSV import and export facility. Export your data, change it, import it. We support almost all product data as an import. Our importer Includes the ability to import images from a URL; Images are automatically copied and saved to the media library. This is great form migrating an existing site to Evance.

Product pricing

Go price crazy

Evance boasts a comprehensive set of pricing tools.

Scheduled pricing & publishing

Getting ready for your Summer, Christmas or Easter extravaganzas? If you're tasked with price changes and special offers fear not, you can schedule price changes way off in the future. So that £10.99 offer you wanted to promote 3 months from now is no problemo compadre. You can also schedule when you would like a product to be published, which is great for seasonal items.

Quantity based pricing

Buying in bulk is generally associated with discounts. Why buy 1 bag of jelly beans when you can buy 100 and get a sweet discount. Evance gives you the opportunity to promote quantity based pricing. Remember those jelly beans at £3.95? They're only £2.25 each for 100 - sweet. 


If you're an international outfit you'll probably maintain product prices in GBP for your UK customers, a price in EUR for your European fans and a price in USD for your American buddies. Evance allows you to maintain product prices explicitly, by conversion rate, or a mixture of the two.

Geolocated pricing

Multi-currency is great, but wouldn't it be nice if your US visitors automatically saw prices in USD. Actually, they can. Utilising the Evance geolocation system your visitors will see the currency and language associated with their location.

Multiple price lists

On-line retailers aren't the same. Some of you trade B2C, some B2B and some serve both. Evance allows you to maintain consumer and password protected trade prices alongside each other. In fact you're free to schedule quantity based prices and offers in any currency to any number of access levels you like. But Acesses level pricing isn't just for trade customers, you can maintain separate prices for loyal retails customers too. 

Special offers

Get up to 25% off this weekend. We've all seen adverts like this, perhaps you've been wanting to run a special offer like it. Evance allows you to run special offers across your entire product database, a set of products, or on an individual product. In fact you can combine your macro and micro offer management all at the same time.

Product media

All NEW - Product media

It's not just about images any more, check this out:


For the last 15 years photos have been getting bigger and better on-line. Evance allows you to add an unlimited number of large product photos to each product, or product variant. Our auto-scaling system is compatible with transparent PNGs.


Move over photos, video is King now. Add any number of YouTube or Vimeo videos to your product profiles and wow your shoppers with your mind blowing in-house video reviews. Your video will appear alongside your photos and all you need is a YouTube/Vimeo URL. 

 360° views

Your eyes doth not deceive you. You can now build your very own scrubby 360 degree views directly from within Evance. In just the same way you would upload your photos, Evance gives you control over each frame, no plugins & no special tools, just a load of photos.

Product downloads

Product downloads

For your customers to take away for another day


PDFs are the most common download uploaded by our retailers and you can feel free to upload as many as you like. But why stop there? You can upload all manner of images, Zip files or even CAD files for your customers to download.


Would you rather your customers had to log in to download certain files? Because Evance has a protected download centre you can publish the URLs of protected downloads, or hide them from the public. The choice is entirely yours.


What if you want people to have to pay before they can download a file? How can you protect it from those naughty site scrapers? Don't worry, Evance has you covered. Add files into the protected download centre and mark them as purchase only.

Product suppliers

Easy category management

Your products may be located within one or more categories in your catalogues/shop and you can have a category structure entirely of your liking, but take our advice - less is more. Managing categories and arranging products within them is uberfast with drag and drop control.

Filterable specifications

Well maintained product specifications like colour, Wattage, voltage, etc. are the cornerstone of accurate product filtering. Fortunately, Evance gives you complete customisation over product specifications. Specifications are also used for product variations. 

Supplier management

Do you remember which supplier sold you what? Or, which is your preferred supplier for any of your products? Keep track of your suppliers' information including who they are, their product references, how much they charged you (including/excluding tax) and in what currency.


Have you ever wondered how you could increase the average value of the orders coming into your inbox? Up-selling is a well know technique. At the point of adding an item to cart offer your customers additional products. Bought a necklace? Here are the matching earrings.

SEO friendly

You products are SEO friendly. They appear in an XML sitemap generated automatically by Evance, whilst you have control over search engine friendly URLs, meta tags, browser title, H1 tags and full content control allow you to add as much targeted content as you desire.


Unless you're a fashion outlet, cross-selling is not about dressing in women's clothes. It's a way of letting your customers know that you have similar or related products e.g. "You may also like...". Evance's related product system allows you to really hone relevant cross-selling.

Full content management

We believe that successful on-line retailers take pride in their product profiles. Now you can really go to town and harness the full power of our truly WYSIWYG content management system.

Go multi-lingual

Evance's product manager supports an increasing amount of multi-lingual functionality from title to full description. Our multi-lingual solution also works in conjunction with Geolocated pricing. 

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