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Multi-locale system

Unlike most platforms that will require you to duplicate your website for each and every country, which leads to duplication of work and a management nightmare, Evance has a multi-locale system built in specifically to alleviate this issue. Your website can be geared towards different countries and languages. This works through a geolocation system which pin-points users to a country. The website has a default locale such as en-gb for United Kingdom in English, but other language-country combinations are permitted. Your default locale's homepage exists at / whilst other country and language combinations exist at their own homepage e.g. /fr-fr for France in French.

Multi-lingual support

The ability to manage Pages, Blogs, Products, Categories and Themes in multiple languages. Including Locale management for larger sites wishing to target specific countries & languages in their marketing.

Shipping settings

Multi-currency support

Evance permits locale based currencies. There is a single currency per locale i.e. the native currency for the UK is GBP, France is EURO etc. Product prices may be set in a desired currency and supporting payment gateways take the payment within the explicit specified currency rather than a rough estimation (currency converted prices based on stored rates is also available if required).

Geolocation detection

The ability to auto-detect user location when visiting a website and set the correct locale if required. This is to work directly with Multi-lingual Support (above).

Pages and content by locale

Evance gives you the power to not only translate content but also allows to to specify which pages show for each locale. You can even target which promotional banners show for each country. This means that to can tailor the sites content, navigation and promotions specifically for each locale rather than having to take a one size fits all approach. 

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Categories by locale

Not everyone sells their entire range in every single locale. Evance enables you to specify which categories of products are available for each country. Category descriptions can be translated and the description targeted specifically to the audience.

Products by locale

The same product is not always the same product! Wait, what? Due to packaging and other regional differences, the same product may have a different SKU. Evance helps you to duplicate a product and then target which product appears in which locale. You can even specify equivalent products to help customers find the right item when changing locales.  

Pricing by locale

Not only does Evance allow you to trade in multiple currencies but you can also set a different price for the same product per local, even if the same currency is used in a different locale. For example, maybe to reflect higher operating costs, the price in Euros for France could be higher than the price in Euros for Germany for the same item.

Translatable form builder

Evance has a built in form builder that enables you to create custom forms. This also has a translation facility that allows you to add translations of field titles and response options.

Contact details per locale

Set up multiple branches for your organisation within the Evance contacts system and then assign the most appropriate branch to one or more locales. The branch's contact details will then show on the website for the assigned locales. In addition to branch you can also assign a manager to a locale to receive notifications form the locales they are assigned to. 

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Evance uses a third party global content delivery network to ensure that your website loads quickly for users all around the globe.


Easy collaboration

Evance is a cloud based platform. This means that staff from round the world can log in and work on the site at any time. One member of staff can create a page in the default language, save it as a draft for another to check, while another works on a translation of the page.

International SEO friendly

Evance automatically generates Hreflang tags for translated pages (for locales) where appropriate. This informs search engines which version of the page is correct for the search engine user's location.

Localised payment methods

Specify which payment methods are available in which country.

Multi-warehouse support

Got stock in multiple locations? No problem. Evance can keep track of stock in multiple warehouses..

Shipping zones

Full control over where you ship to, from country down to county/regional level.

Tax settings

Maintain prices including or excluding tax, assign appropriate tax and shipping classifiers per product.

EU VAT number verification

VAT registered customers from the EU can have their VAT number verified so that they do not need to pay VAT which would be claimed back at a later date. This helps your customers’ cash flow. Or If you're a UK business selling to trade customers in France, for example, you can offer your customers the option to remove VAT by entering an EU VAT number into their cart. Evance integrates directly with the EU Commission's database to validate their VAT number before removing VAT from their order.

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