Using a designer

Evance allows you to use any designer in the World to help you create & manage your website.

We're often approached by potential subscribers who would like to use Evance but are concerned about the level of design control they'll have. Evance has an open theme engine allowing designers everywhere to dig deep into the code that governs your website's look and feel. Because Evance is a cloud platform with a built-in editor you'll never have to worry about the technicalities and security headaches of creating and managing FTP accounts. 

Granting a designer access to the files of your site is as simple as inviting a new user to your admin panel. Your designer will quickly have access to all the files they need. And, because Evance's template language has been designed for familiarity they'll be up and running in no time. Even if they've never used Evance before. 

If you already have a live site running on Evance but want to make some design tweaks. Don't worry, your website can be re-skinned within a private design session without your visitors ever knowing. Say goodbye to long winded data migrations and the pain of managing test and live websites. Evance uses live data within a design session but still offers you full flexibility to design from your existing theme or to create an entirely new one.

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