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Accept credit/debit card payments on-line securely from around the World.

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Secure shopping cart

We ensure that all of our payment gateway integrations are PCI Compliant and all transactions are conducted across 256-bit SSL encryption - the same level of security used by banks. We take the security of you and your customers seriously, which is why Evance undergoes rigorous security tests throughout development.

Automatic tax calculations

Nervous about your tax requirements? Don't be. Evance automatically calculates VAT per product based on your customer's location and shipping destination. Whether you sell directly to consumers, or publish Exc. VAT trade prices, Evance will calculate tax appropriate to your operational preferences.

Shipping settings

Customisable shipping

We understand that everyone does shipping slightly differently. Evance has a sophisticated and customisable shipping algorithm that allows you to calculate shipping automatically, or change manually.

Offer any number of postage options, such as Next Day Delivery. Configure different pricing structures for domestic or international delivery. Calculate shipping costs based on radial distance from your warehouse, postal code, weight, volume, order value, or even the number of items in the cart. 

Charge shipping per delivery, per item or per kilo. Add delivery constraints to determine how many items constitute a new delivery....and more.

Offers & discounts

Evance has a growing collection of discount tools to help you attract sales. Add special offers per product, promote discount coupon codes, advertise public sale events (e.g. 25% off this weekend), offer customer loyalty discount structures (e.g. Gold Customer Discount). Or run a variety of offers all at the same time  and Evance will choose the best deal for your customers at cart. 

Credit accounts

Would you like to be able to offer your trade customers credit accounts? Evance allows you configure credit accounts per customer including the value of credit (e.g. £1,000) and the terms of invoice (e.g. 30 days). Easily enable or disable credit, configure payment options for credit account customers (e.g. Bank Transfer) and your customers will see payment methods available to them at checkout. 

Order desk

Multiple payment methods

Not everyone wants to pay on-line, which is why Evance supports a number of alternative payment methods from credit/debit card or PayPal Express. Take control of your own preferences and allow your customers to pay by Cheque or Bank Transfer. Only want customers with Credit Accounts to pay by Bank Transfer? No problemo. 

EU VAT Numbers

If you're a UK business selling to trade customers in France, for example, you can offer your customers the option to remove VAT by entering an EU VAT number into their cart. Evance integrates directly with the EU Commission's database to validate their VAT number before removing VAT from their order.

Offer free shipping

"FREE shipping on orders over £25". Promoting free shipping is a proven method of increasing average order value. Calculate the point at which it's viable to offer free shipping and configure it within Evance for any type of product, order value and delivery location combination. 


Evance has built-in reports to help you keep track of your website performance, analyse trends and identify if your promotional codes are working for you. Got a Google Analytics account? Evance integrates e-commerce tracking directly into your Google Analytics account.


Abandoned carts

Cart abandonment doesn't have to be a complete loss. Evance keeps track of visitors who abandoned their carts before payment giving you the opportunity to reach out for an order.

Guest checkout

Some customers won't want to create an account on your site - it's one less password to remember. Evance allows your customers to checkout as a guest without needing to create an account.

Telesale orders

Mail / telephone orders are all possible through the Evance control panel. If you have a MOTO and ecommerce merchant number you can use Evance to take orders safely over the phone.


We can advise you on which payment gateways offer a tight integration with Evance allowing you to automate the process of refunding customers who paid by credit/debit card.

PCI Compliant

PCI Compliant

Evance is a PCI Compliant e-commerce platform - we only integrate with payment gateways that remove you from the scope of PCI Compliance as much as possible. 

Visa Approved

Visa Approved

Evance's legal entity Azexis Ltd is a Visa Approved Merchant Agent, which means we have undergone strenuous security checks to ensure that we're capable of delivery a safe a secure e-commerce platform.

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