We believe users should enjoy software

and we strive to make ours the best it can be. 

Whether a content author, shop keeper, designer or developer our mission is to liberate your creativity through powerful tools, beautifully designed to suit you. Within an industry as diverse as e-commerce we endeavour to find simplicity in the complex, to make the mundane enjoyable and empower you, no matter your role.

"truly the home of innovation"

Over the years we've faced some pretty big obstacles, but we've never shied from a challenge, never settled on the conventional and never accepted the impossible. Our WYSIWYG editor was prototyped years before modern web browsers were capable of supporting it and continues to be at the forefront of modern content management. More recently we ditched established techniques and reinvented our multi-lingual architecture for greater power, flexibility and tighter integration. We were the first and still the only Visa Approved e-commerce vendor in our home county. We developed EVML - our own language to make multiple editable regions on a page easier for designers to implement without the need for a developer. Evance is truly the home of innovation and there is no doubt that our vision for the future will take us in to new territory. 

"we believed we could do it better"

In 2004 we developed our first e-commerce platform out of frustration with software available at that time - we believed we could do it better. Since then we have continued to be inspired by the diversity of the e-commerce industry and are ever motivated by our growing community of members.

Privately owned, privately funded

Unlike our major competitors Evance was born not out of venture capital investment, or crowd funding, but from private investment. We risked everything we had over a 3 year production to fund the development of Evance. Today Evance remains part of Azexis Ltd - a privately held company, unencumbered to deliver on our vision for the future of the web. 

COVID-19 NOTICE – Business as Usual
Evance continues to provide all services and support throughout this difficult period. See our full statement here