How Evance uses cookies on your website, on your behalf.

What cookies/tracking technologies do we use?

A cookie is a small text file that's placed on your computer, tablet or mobile device when visitors access your website. We may use different types of cookies. Some persist for an extended period of time, whilst others expire when you close your web browser (such as a session ID cookie).  

Why do we use cookies/tracking technologies?

Using Cookies helps us to provide your visitors with a better, more secure, enhanced and/or customised experience of your site. 

How do we use them?

We use cookies for a variety of reasons, which we have broken down to:

  • Operationally required 
    Operational cookies and other technologies are essential in order to enable us to deliver the features you have requested, such as securing user authentication.
  • For functionality
    Some cookies remember the choices and preferences your visitors make whilst using your website, such as their preferred country and/or language. We use these cookies to provide an enhanced user experience.

Evance Cookies

These are the cookies we use on your website: 

EV_SID Keeps website sessions alive.
EV_SSID Used for identifying authenticated users. 
EV_TOKEN A session based security token. 
EV_RECENT A persistent cookie which restores recently viewed pages, categories or products up to 90 days after your visit.
EVCART This persistent cookie allows us to restore shopping carts on subsequent visits for up to a year. 
EV_LOCALE This cookie is set when visiting an Evance website which supports multiple regional variations/locales.
This allows us to load content in the preferred localisation when available. 

Please note, the types of cookies we use are always changing. It's worth checking back here to make sure you stay up-to-date. 

Third-party cookies

We may use third parties to help us deliver service for your website. These include:

Cloudflare We use Cloudflare as a global content delivery network to enhance your experience (e.g. by speeding up load times). 

Additional third-party cookies

Additional third-party cookies will depend upon your website's settings, addons, any Apps you have installed, or any modifications you or your web developer has made to your Theme. Evance is not responsible for any additional third-party cookies. You should consult any documentation available from the services you have installed. 

We recommend, where possible, to hold anonymous data (no personal or personally identifiable data). For some third parties this is a setting. For example, Google Analytics should have “Remarketing” and “Advertising Features” turned off in the data collection settings on the Google Analytics settings panel. If you would like to these facilities you should include these within a Cookies notice and implement a custom Cookie Consent facility within your Theme. 

We also recommend that when using session recording services (such as Hotjar) care should be taken to ensure that your settings do not infringe upon personally identifiable data entered into Forms on your website.

COVID-19 NOTICE – Business as Usual
Evance continues to provide all services and support throughout this difficult period. See our full statement here