Creating a page for your Privacy Policy

Learn how to add a page to your website for your Privacy Policy and manage settings for user agreement. 

Setting up your Privacy Policy is an important part of maintaining a trusted website and is required to adhere to data protection compliance such as GDPR. Users may be presented with privacy options or agreements in various places on your website. 

  • User registration forms
  • Checkout processes
  • When completing online forms (requires manual configuration). 

Write your Privacy Policy

The information you include within your privacy policy will depend upon your type of business, the facilities available on your website and any legals requirements for the territories you operate within. For example, if you have European users you must ensure you comply with GDPR. Our team is not legally qualified to offer advice on how to write your privacy policy. If you are unsure how to compose your privacy policy we recommend seeking assistance from a professional legal service with the relevant expertise. 

Create a page of your policy

Once you have prepared the content for your privacy policy you will need to create a page within the Evance CMS. You have complete control over how you structure the legal section of your website. You may choose to place your privacy in the root of your website's structure or as a Legal subsection.

How to add a page to the CMS

Add your page to your legal settings

Having published your Privacy Policy page you can now declare the page within Evance's legal settings. 

  • Click on the Settings (Cog icon) within the left-hand menu. 
  • Click on the Terms & ePrivacy link under "My Business". 
  • Enter the URL of your Privacy page (e.g. /privacy) into the "Your Privacy Policy page" field. The URL should be start with a slash (/). You should not enter an absolute URL. Adding the relative URL to the page allows Evance to track the page on your website. 
  • Enter today's date (e.g. 19 Apr 2021) into the "Effective date of your ePrivacy Statement" field. This allows Evance to track changes in Terms. 

Once you're happy with your settings press the "Save settings" button at the bottom of the page. 
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