Geo-targeting visitors

If you have added a locale to your website you may wish to geo-target your visitors to your most appropriate homepage for their location.

Let's say you have the following locales set up on your website:

default Our Default locale for our website which is for our primary audience and everyone else that doesn't fit the locales that follow.
en-us United States in English
We would like anyone from the USA and Canada to visit this as our homepage.
es-us United States in Spanish
We would like anyone from Mexico to visit this as our homepage.

Ok, so we have some requirements for the the locales in our site. Assuming the locales are already available we can add our targeting requirements:

Geo-target your locales

Where can I find these settings? Please read "Adding a locale" for instructions on locating these settings.

How it works

Geo-targeting in Evance is based on the IP address of the visitor.

Our IP address tables are updated monthly. We cannot guarantee absolute accuracy.

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