<ev:menu />

A very basic tag that generates a <ul> containing managed menus, or hierarchical CMS or Category data sets.

It's important that menus within templates and layouts use the <ev:menu> system as it enables us to switch themes whilst maintaining carefully crafted menu structures and built-in functionality.


Required when rendering a menu not managed by the CMS Menu Manager. This attribute requires the name of a view object that represents either a Shop Category or CMS Page hierarchy.

<ev:menu object="website.catalogue().tree" />

vertical | horizontal
By default menus are vertically oriented. However, you can change the menu orientation in your theme templates using this attribute.

<ev:menu orientation="horizontal" />

The menu attribute is required to display menus managed within the CMS Menu Manager and should contain a valid menu reference. You may reference more than one menu if you wish by comma separating your menu references. Menus can be managed from within the CMS > Menus section.

<ev:menu ref="NAVIGATION" />

An integer that represents a category or cms page id. Used in conjunction with the object attribute to change the root node from which to render. This is useful sometimes within deeply nested product categories or cms pages to render menu subsets rather than the full hierarchy.

<ev:menu object="categoryMenu" root="{{ category.parentId }}" />

An integer that enforces the maximum number of sub-levels that may be rendered. This is normally used in conjunction with the object attribute to ensure menu fly-outs don't become to unwieldy.

<ev:menu object="cmsMenu" tiers="3" />

mouseover | click
By default menus that have multiple tiers are displayed as flyout menus. Sub menus are shown on mouseover/hover, but this behaviour can be changed to trigger show/hide menus on click.

<ev:menu menu="NAVIGATION" trigger="click" />

All other settings for menus are controlled from within Evance.

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