Extends Literal. Whilst each type of theme template has access to existing objects, you can create your own basic objects within your template. An object can be initialised as a list of zero or more key value pairs, enclosed in curly braces {...}.


// initiate an empty object
var myEmptyObj = {};

var isCustomer = true;

// initiate an object with properties
var person = {
    name: 'Bobby Bobson',
    age: 21,
    customer: isCustomer // assign value of existing variable

Note that in initialisation is always followed by a semicolon.

Accessing properties

Having created an object, you'll need to read or change its properties. Object properties can be accessed by using the dot notation or the bracket notation.

// getting values
person.name; // Bobby Bobson
person['age']; // 21

// setting values
person.age = 22;
person['name'] = 'Bob Bobson';


Type Number.

The number of properties of the Object.


Returns Boolean.

Returns true if the Object property was deleted or false if not.


Returns the property of the Object if it exists or undefined if not.


Returns Boolean.

Returns true if the Object property exists or false if not.

set(String:property, Mixed:value)

Sets the property of the obejct with the value supplied and returns the original Object allowing chaining.


Returns a String containing a Json representation of the Object.

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