Theme & Account URLs

Evance supports some pretty handy ways of writing URLs to make your life easier as a developer. Hopefully you'll find them super simple. 

File path URLs

If you've ever had to use a command prompt you may be aware that the home directory for your account may be represented as ~/. This is equally true in Evance, but we also have a couple of special URLs you should be aware of and will hopefully make your life a lot easier. 


Account Url

The tilde URL by itself represents the location of all files for the current account. To be honest, it is rare to use the tilde URL by itself, but it forms the basis for the following special cases.


Media Library Url

All files uploaded into an account's media library exist within the ~/content folder. So uploading a product photo called "hello-kitty-mug.png" into the images folder of your media library may be written as "~/content/images/hello-kitty-mug.png". 


Current Theme Url

This is the most handy URL you will utilise in theme development. It represents the location of the current theme. If you use the ~/theme URL effectively you won't need to worry about the name of your theme, nor renaming it because Evance will know what you mean. Using the ~/theme URL is also handy in avoiding confusion when compared with relative URLs. 


Shared Repository Url

Evance supports a growing shared library of EVML Snippets, CSS files and JavaScript available to our subscribers. Some of these are built specifically for Evance's <ev:tags> whilst others are well known libraries such as JQuery. Evance allows you to combine and minify shared CSS or JavaScript files into your own theme CSS and JavaScript files when utilising CSS and JavaScript config files. 


Current Shared Theme Version Url

Evance Theme Engine is currently on version 1. Themes for your account extend the shared theme version appropriate to your own Theme. The theme engine is defined within your theme config file.

Localised / International URLs

Your website is global and whilst your homepage has a global presence Evance supports localisation. This means some URLs within your theme's template may need localising to the current locale. What does this mean? Well let's take your homepage, which has a URL of /, but you're also operating in France. When set-up as a target locale your homepage now also has a /fr-fr URL. When marking up a template you may need to use the following URL modifier:


Localise modifier for hard-coded URLs

The @ (ampersand) URL modifier tells Evance that you want to localise the URL to the current locale for the user. If you have a UK website and a US locale your a link to your @/about us page will render as /abouton your UK website and /en-us/about on your US website. 

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