The config/theme.json contains information about your theme including original name, version at installation and information about the author. 

This file is currently not required when creating your own custom theme.

File format

The file must be a valid JSON format in the following structure:

    "title": "Theme Name",
    "description": "A brief description about the theme",
    "version": "1.0",
    "engine": "v1",
    "author": "",
    "website": "",
    "thumbnail": "~/theme/common/images/theme.jpg"


The theme.json configuration file should have the following properties:


The company or person's name who created the theme.


A brief description about the theme. This may contain any information about the theme to identify it within the Theme Library.


The shared theme engine version to extend for this theme. The currently available theme engines are:

  • v1

If you are building a new theme you should use the latest shared theme engine.


The cover image to be shown in the Theme Library for the Theme. This will only show within the "My Installed Themes" section of an Account. Your image should reside within the theme files and not within the Media Library. This makes the image transportable between accounts. The image dimensions should be 430px × 600px


The title of the Theme. This is the original title of the theme and not the folder name that will be created when within the Code Editor. 


The version number of the Theme. This will users identify if a Theme installed has an updated version available. 


The website address of the company or person who created the theme.

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