Editable regions for Products

Evance has one reserved editable region for Product templates, but you may add more if you wish.

Editable regions are added to a page using the <ev:editable/> tag

Product "full description" content

Your Product template must include a fullDescription region.

    <ev:editable ref="fullDescription" />

Additional regions

You may add any number of additional sub-regions to your category templates. You have freedom over what you call your regions, but references should:

  • contain alpha-numeric characters, dashes or underscores
  • avoid the use of spaces
    <ev:editable ref="fullDescription" />
    <ev:editable ref="features" />

Avoid boilerplate content

Products have different requirements to pages managed within the CMS. As a result, you should avoid adding boilerplate content in editable regions for the fullDescription region.

Dynamically generated regions

There may be instances where you need to dynamically generate editable regions for a category. The ref attribute for an <ev:editable> tag supports basic use of EvScript, allowing you dynamically name references.

<?ev for (var asset of product.assets) { ?>
    <ev:editable ref="asset-{{ asset.id }}">
        <h3>{{ asset.title }}</h3>
        <p>{{ asset.description }}</p>
<?ev } ?>

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