Global variables

All variables listed are available to all page types (Page, Category and Product).

Global variables

Type Account
Provides access to information about the Evance Account for the current website. This includes the site's Evance domain, its preferred domain and when it was created. 

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Type Cart
Provides read-access to the visitor's shopping cart.

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layout Type Layout

The layout object is used exclusively by the layout files within your ~/theme/layouts directory. Layouts wrap a template representing a common header and footer for each page.

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request Type Request

Offers basic access to information about the HTTP page request made by your website's visitor. This includes the URI requested, whether the request is on HTTPS and the page's referrer.

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shop Type Branch

Provides access to the "My Business" contact information for the website operator. This Includes the contact address, phone number, email address etc. 

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Type User or Null
Provides information about the current user ("Remember me" functionality is supported).

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Type Website
Offers access to a diverse range of website settings. Including access to the current locale, the website's logo, whether the site supports e-commerce functionality and more.

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Try the dump() function

If you ever get stuck, or would like to know which variables are available to you, try adding the following code into any template. You will be provided with a list of all variables on the page.

{{ dump() }}

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