Define an editable region scoped to the current page. If you wish to add an editable content block that appears on more than one page you should use the <ev:translate> tag.

<ev:editable ref="main" />


The default outline representing an editable region within the CMS has a cyan colour. If the default colour does not offer enough contrast to your theme's background you may customise the colour per region. This attribute accepts a hexidecimal colour reference.

ref Required
All editable regions require a ref attribute. 

  • Page templates should include an editable region with a ref attribute of main.
  • Category templates must include an editable region with a ref attribute of primaryContent and optionally an editable region with a ref attribute of secondaryContent.
  • Product templates must include an editable region with a ref attribute of fullDescription.

Page, Product and Category templates may contain any number of additional editable regions (as few as possible) and should adhere to the following naming conventions:

  • May contain A-Z, 0-9, -, _characters only.
  • Do NOT include spaces in your references.

Template support

The following templates support the <ev:editable> tag:

Scope & uniqueness

The <ev:editable> tag is scoped to the current page. This means the ref attribute must be unique within your template, but does not need to be unique sitewide. Duplicate references within the same template will result in incorrect save behaviour. 

Placeholder content

When creating a template you may include default content per editable region. This helps you experiment with your templates without having to use the CMS editor to edit and preview content. 

For example you could create a page with the following content:

<ev:editable ref="main">
    <h1>Hello, welcome to our store</h1>
    <p>Perhaps you'd like to browse our awesome range of products.</p>

This allows you to be a little creative and when your theme is installed for the first time users aren't met with a blank space.

Tag nesting

Do NOT nest other <ev:tags> within an <ev:editable> tag.

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