EV Tags

A client-side HTML syntax that hooks into server-side functionality like magic. 

A growing number of EVML tags hook into server-side objects automatically  performing a range of complex tasks behind the scenes you shouldn't need to worry about. In some cases you can take advantage of our growing JavaScript library to quickly deliver built-in functionality automatically from HTML style markup.

Facilitate multi-lingual content

EVML tags link directly into theme and website language settings. This enables translations of websites to be achieved directly from within each theme template. Again, this is all about ease-of-use for web authors designing themes, but also for website owners managing content in different languages. 

Do more, code less

Many EVML tags pack quite a punch in terms of how much functionality they bring together in one tag. In some cases EVML tags can be nested to achieve some pretty amazing results, but with very simple, familiar and understandable markup. Our theory is that if you work in a familiar and enjoyable environment, you work better and remember more. 


EVML Tag builds a list based breadcrumb trail


EVML Tag builds a page specific editable region that's editable within the CMS


EVML Tag generates a Form built with the Evance Form Builder


EVML Tag offers a variety of facilities for displaying images from the ~/content/images folder


EVML Tag allows you to include other EVML partials/templates into the current file at runtime.


EVML Tag allows you to include JavaScript files into a template manually (also ev:js)



EVML Tag builds a list based menu hierarchy based on either a collection of objects, or from a menu reference built in Menu Manager.


EVML Tag builds a complete UI for navigating a data grid.


EVML Tag builds am auto-submitting selection form for changing the per page value of data grids.


EVML Tag builds an auto-submitting form allowing users to select the sort order of a data grid.


EVML Tag allows you to include a CSS file manually (also ev:css)


EVML Tag allows you to translate regions of your theme's templates and integrate with the CMS.

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