Private Apps

A private app may integrate with Evance APIs on behalf of a single Evance tenant account.

To authenticate with Evance you must utilise appropriate credentials which are generated within the Evance admin.

Secure your credentials
Keep your API credentials safe - whomever has access to them also has full access within the scope of your app.

Generating new credentials

Your private app must be authenticated with the Evance account you wish to connect to your app. If you don't have an Evance account, or you would like to create a test app for an existing account, you can log in to your Partner Account and create a new Development account. 

With your account ready to rock 'n' roll, you can now generate credentials for your app:

  1. Within your Evance admin panel, go to Settings

  2. Click on App API Credentials under Security settings

  3. Click the Add a new Private App button

  4. In the Add a Private App screen, enter the name of your application or product.  

  5. Select the scopes that apply to your app. 

  6. Click Save

  7. When your initial settings have saved, click the + (plus) icon to the right of Credentials for API Access.

  8. From the drop-down click on one of the following options:

  9. Enter a title and any other information required by the type of credentials. 

  10. Click Save

  11. When your credentials have saved you may download a JSON file containing your client credentials.

JSON credentials file

You should download and store your credentials JSON file in a safe place. 

    "account": "",
    "client_id": "",
    "private_key": "e9417f434cff0a09ed49df7cab2be174a804684e9c39d26936d8e7957982b86d",
    "algorithm": "HS256"

This file contains the following properties:

account Your Evance account domain, which will be an sub-domain.
client_id Essentially a generated username that identifies your app.
private_key The private key should be treated like a password and kept secure.
algorithm Represents the security algorithm that should be used when signing/securing data.

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