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13 May 2016

Creating the best logo that suits your brand

Before you even start your business and services, you’ll first need a logo. A logo sets the tone of your business and expresses what you do and who you are. It's an important step to be take in building a brand that works for you. For new businesses, there are three options available; create your own logo, use a paid logo making service, or hire a graphic design agency or freelance designer. We have elaborated on these options below to help you choose which option will be the best for you and your business.

Design your own Logo
Creating your own logo

Make use of free vector software, like Inkscape (available for Windows, Mac and Linux) to create scalable .EPS versions of your logo. When it comes to selecting a font for your logo, Google Fonts allows free and unlimited access to professional web and system fonts. Take a look at what businesses similar to your own are doing; there's always a trend in the style of fonts and colours they use that you can reference in your logo.

Cheap logo design
Using a paid logo making service

Websites like Fiverr and Tailorbrands are an inexpensive way to get a professional-looking logo. Tailorbrands works by algorithms, taking on board your preferred styles to suggest up to six logo designs. Pricing starts at $24 (£15.59) at the Beginner tier, and is a quick and painless way of getting you started. Fiverr designers will work to your specification to create a logo suitable for your business for $5 (£3.36). Be sure to read their terms carefully; you may be charged extra for revisions, variations, or to receive the final logo in scalable file types.

Finding the right graphic design for your logo design
Hiring a design agency or freelancer

Azexis, sister company to Evance, provides branding and graphic design services. By hiring a professional design service, you can get the full benefit of a wholly unique logo design designed to your specification. Agencies and freelance designers often provide price quotes including revision time, which means that unlike cheaper design services, you can get your logo design fine-tuned exactly to your specification and budget.

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