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03 Dec 2019

Squeezing more speed out of your website

Evance now features a cutting-edge congestion control algorithm, which achieves higher bandwidths and lower latencies for internet traffic - TCP BBR. It's the same technology used by Google and YouTube to improve throughput, which effectively makes websites faster. 

BBR stands for "Bottleneck Bandwidth and Round-trip propagation time". It's super catchy, but that's not the point. This Internet wizardry was developed by Google to address the inadequacies of congestion control technology from the 1980s.  Sorry folks, it turns out that sometimes "retro" just isn't cool. 

Without going into the thoroughly thrilling technical details of BBR, the resulting improvements to throughput and latency mean that if your website is on Evance it's now faster. How much faster depends where you are. Our benchmarks put speed improvements from "a bit faster" to "a fair bit faster". That's right, we forgot to do real benchmarks, but YouTube has reported improvements up to 14 percent with an average of 4 percent. The end result is faster traffic, significantly increased bandwidth and reduced download times for web pages, videos or other data. 

If you'd like to read something a bit more technical take a look at Google Cloud's post on BBR

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