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15 May 2019

Now twice as fast

We just made your website faster!

That's right, Evance is now nearly twice as fast when rendering your web pages. We know you love a speedy website, so we spend a lot of time agonising over performance and efficiency. Although we shaved off a fair chunk from page load times last year, we just weren't satisfied.

Yesterday, significant changes to our infrastructure resulted in incredible speed improvements across all sites. Benchmarks across a variety of websites confirmed improvements to page processing.

Overall average speed improvement

Benchmarks were taken across a selection of Website, Catalogue and Commerce sites with differing functionality. Complex sites saw the greatest reduction in processing times, but all sites saw performance improvements between 35% and 184%, averaging out at 109%.

Average processing time

The time it takes Evance to process all the awesome functionality on your site and render it as HTML.

1.11s to 0.56s speed improvement

The result? Page load times feel visibly faster!

Not on Evance?

If you are not already on Evance, why not give us a try.

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