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30 Oct 2018

Loqate address verification at checkout

You can now integrate Evance with Loqate's global address verification lookup service. 

Loqate has an enormous database of addresses in over 245 countries and territories. Now, you can tap into their address auto-completion service for your checkout's billing and shipping address pages. 

Evance's free add-on for Loqate automatically pre-configures your checkout, which means adding Loqate to your site is about as easy as we could make it. 

How to get address completion at checkout

All you need is an account with Loqate and an API key. 

Once you have your API key, simply head into the Add-on section of Evance, whack your API key into the Loqate Integration field and voila, your checkout is now integrated with address lookup completion.

Get a Loqate Account

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