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19 Nov 2017

All Evance sites now use SSL encryption everywhere

Until now, Evance protected your visitor's personal information at checkout. Whilst secure, we redirected users to your account's domain. It wasn't ideal for everyone and the World is moving to secure sites by default - all pages, all content, all forms and definitely at checkout. 

To make this possible, we needed to provide SSL certificates for every site on Evance. 

Free SSL for all

Earlier in 2017 we joined the Let's Encrypt community, which includes Facebook and Google. This meant we'd finally able to offer free SSL for all our subscribers. To make SSL everywhere a reality, we've had to make some dramatic changes to both our infrastructure and our architecture. We've been working on it for months (and months). It was all worth it because it's finally here.

This is great news for merchants wanting to build trust online, but also from an SEO standpoint. In fact, Google have made it clear that HTTPS does help to boost your search position (read more here). Let's be clear, high-quality content is still what Google is looking for. 

What you need to do

If you're an existing site owner, your website will automatically start to 301 redirect your HTTP traffic to HTTPS. If you're site is not redirecting traffic to HTTPS you should check that your custom domain is installed correctly. 

After adding a custom domain it can take up to 48 hours for your SSL certificate to activate. If your domain is connected properly but SSL isn't working yet, retry after 24 hours. If it's still not working after 24 hours get in touch with us for support.

We hope you enjoy this new feature to Evance.

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