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18 Oct 2017

Display delivery dates

To help merchants offer greater clarity to their customers, you can now offer customers estimated delivery dates at checkout.

Web users continue to demand greater clarity from e-commerce websites. Knowing when their purchase will arrive is high on their agenda. Evance has long allowed merchants to offer basic delivery expectations via appropriate postage titles. We also introduced cut-off times and messages informing users that their order will be processed the next working day. But, this was still not specific and open to interpretation. 

In a series of updates we're making to Evance's order system, you'll now be able to offer conservatively estimated delivery dates at checkout. And, the choice to publish dates may be done per postage option. This allows you, for example, to offer an estimated delivery date for Standard Delivery options but not Next Day Delivery.  The configuration is up to you.

How it works

Every product in your Evance catalogue has a minimum and maximum lead time. The minimum lead time is used when the product is in stock, and the maximum lead time is used when the product is out of stock. Evance will calculate the maximum lead time across all products in a customer's basket. The lead time of your products governs how long it takes for you to be able to pack and dispatch your goods from your warehouse. To offer a conservative estimate Evance will calculate the next available working day for dispatch based on a Monday to Friday working week. 

We'll use the maximum number of days for delivery with some new settings:

  • Delivery Days of the week, and..
  • Show delivery dates

Delivery date options

Having calculated the dispatch dates Evance will add the maximum number of days for delivery by your courier. If the resulting day isn't available for your courier the next available day will be selected and voila, you have a delivery date. 

Try it out

If you're an existing merchant using Evance simply go to the Shipping > Postage settings for each postage and turn on "Show delivery dates". Checkout on your website as if you are a customer and at the Checkout's Summary page you'll see an estimated date of delivery against all those postage options where you enabled the featured.

Try experimenting with product lead times and adding products that are in stock or out of stock to your cart (pre-order must be enabled on products out of stock) to see how the delivery dates change.

Try experimenting with you maximum days for delivery and the days of the week for delivery to configure your most accurate delivery dates.

We hope you enjoy this new feature.

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