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12 Oct 2017

Automated product reviews

Enable reviews on your website and send automated feedback requests to customers who purchase on your site.

Reviews increase sales

Studies show customers are more likely to buy positively reviewed products. That makes a lot of sense. I'm sure we all enjoy the reassurance our purchase won't be a disappointment, or the confirmation it'll be the right decision. 

Research has shown many consumers trust reviews from other customers more than a merchant's product description. So, if you're confident in your products there's nothing stopping you from asking for feedback after purchase.

Enable reviews with just one click

You can now start to gather reviews for your products with just a click within Evance. Once enabled you have a number of options available to you:

  • Restrict reviews to genuine purchasers. We recommend you only accept feedback from those who have purchased on your site. This greatly increases the authenticity of product ratings. 
  • Choose whether you wish to approve reviews before they're published, or allow customer reviews to go live immediately.
  • Decide whether you would like to receive an email with each review. You can use your account email address or any other email address.
  • Enable automatic feedback requests for customers who purchase. And, decide how long after dispatch you would like your emails to be sent.
  • Enable "filter by rating" in your product categories.

Your customers will receive an email asking to review their purchase. They'll have the opportunity to rate each product individually from 1 to 5, and offer any positive or negative feedback.

Finding silver linings in bad reviews

As a merchant, it's natural to fear publishing bad reviews. However, a bad review is an opportunity to convert an unhappy customer into a happy one. Responding quickly to their misgivings offline can turn their negative experience around and win future custom. Regardless, a negative review can help you improve your product or service.

Avoid fake reviews

Evance's review system is primarily aimed at obtaining genuine reviews. Whilst you can add reviews you've received via email we recommend ensuring you stick to genuine reviews. Fake reviews can end up costing you dearly if discovered. They immediately discredit your brand and call into question genuine reviews. We strongly urge merchants to resist the temptation of posting fake testimonials, ratings or reviews. 

Getting started

If you're an existing Evance subscriber you'll find the review system in your expanded "Products" menu. If you would like assistance why not get in touch. If you're new to Evance you can set-up a free trial to try us out. 

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