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20 Sep 2017

Payments on dispatch or order

Until today, the choice for merchants to capture payments at the point of order or upon dispatch has been a global setting abstracted from your payment settings. That's just changed. 

You still have the same choice

We've not removed this option. In fact, we've made the choice more flexible and easier to find. The decision to capture payments upon order is suited to goods that are either made-to-order, drop-shipped or aren't stocked in-house. Meanwhile, merchants who stock goods may decide to capture payment upon dispatch (with card pre-authorisation at checkout). The decision is subjective and, until now, it's been a global setting across all payment methods. 

...but now it's per payment method

The decision whether to capture payments upon order or dispatch is now defined per payment method/gateway. This offers greater flexibility to merchants who, for example, may wish to capture payment up-front via PayPal but upon dispatch for payments via SagePay.

Your existing settings

If you have an existing account your previously global settings have been mapped to each of your payment methods. Each setting can now be changed independently. 

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