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14 Nov 2016

What makes Evance great: a developer's perspective

Whilst building Evance we knew it would be important to build a robust software capable of simplifying mundane tasks for developers. We achieve this in multiple ways: 

Powerful theme engine

We wanted to build a theme engine that would make life simpler for developers. No matter your experience in front-end development, you can manage your website's appearance all in one place with our Theme Customiser, or go under the hood for complete control of your theme in the IDE. This is all built so that no matter your experience you aren't limited in what you can do for your clients. Below are a few examples of our favourite features:

CSS Pre-processor

Built to help us work more efficiently, you'll find that auto-prefixing, variables, functions, and more powerful features are at your fingertips, so you can focus your time on building amazing websites.

Template and Style Configuration

With our configuration files you can control the power of your website.

Your templates.json file allows you to add as many different templates as you like, or even update our pre-existing templates. You can also create and assign as many template properties and asset types as you wish to your templates. You can find out more about this here.

The style.json file plays a vital role in allowing users to customise the look and feel of their website without having to understand CSS. Tapping directly into our CSS processor offering property identifiers as variable names. Using the style.json configuration file you can pre-define presets for your users to choose between, or your users can create and set their own to suit their branding.

Automatic Content Delivery

All of your static files are automatically served by our Content Delivery Network, so that no matter where in the world your customers are based, your content will be served quickly and efficiently. Each of your files are delivered with their own version reference, preventing caching issues and ensuring customers everywhere are seeing your most up-to-date content. It's one less thing to worry about with Evance.

Please contact one of our Partnership Managers

An easy to learn, easy to master markup language

Over the last 11 years we have developed and honed Evance Markup Language, or EVML for short. By utilising JavaScript syntax, anyone familiar with the basics can jump straight in and adopt EVML with ease.

We regularly use EVML in-house and are constantly improving upon it. It is fully documented, which you can find here, so we recommend you check back regularly to see any new additions and functionality built into it.


Our EVML-Objects are built with optimisation in mind. An object's most commonly requested data is available to you in the form of properties. An object's methods will allow you to access and use the more advanced features and data immediately.

Our Collection Objects also build upon the use of an object's methods. When you loop through a Collection and call a method on the Object that the Collection recognises it will run the method on all of the Objects within the Collection before Page Load.

    // products is an existing ProductCollection on any category page.
    for(var product of products) {
        // As the object knows it belongs to a collection, this will
        // result in a call to the getPrices() method on the ProductCollection
    // You can use either method, both will return with the same results.
    for(var product of products) {

Find out more about our EVML Objects

EV Tags

Our EV Tags hook into server-side objects automatically, performing a range of complex tasks behind the scenes, which saves you time and gives you less to worry about. These include Collection Object sorting and pagination, Google Map generation, image cropping and resizing, and more.

// Pagination
<ev:pagination object="products" />

// Sort Page
<ev:sortpage object="products">
    <option value="price:asc">Price low to high</option>
    <option value="price:desc">Price high to low</option>
// Map
<ev:map latitude="52.0533564" longitude="1.1616143" zoom="12" height="400" />

// Map with Markers
<ev:map height="400">
    // Marker using longitude latitude for it's position.
    <marker title="marker-one" latitude="52.0533564" longitude="1.1616143" />
    // Marker using address for it's position.
    <marker title="marker-two" address="Sorrel Horse Mews, Grimwade Street, Ipswich IP4 1LN" />

Read more about our EV Tags

Built-in Functions

Our Built-in Functions are often a short-hand way of instantiating a new EVML Object.


// Date
{{ date() }} // 19 Apr 2021
{{ date('tomorrow') }} // 20 Apr 2021

// Share
{{ share().facebook }} //

Read more about our built-in functions

We handle the security, you handle your business

Here at Evance we take care of the dull, day-to-day tasks associated with running a website so that you don't have to. Just leave your website security to us so you can focus your attention entirely on your business.


Evance is completely self-hosted on our own cloud infrastructure. With our load-balanced environment and in-built CDN, you don't need to worry about finding the right host for your business or worrying about varying bills due to bandwidth use. We only charge the monthly subscription fee, and that's regardless of the traffic you bring in or the amount of content you've uploaded. 

You can find out more information about our hosting here, and see our subscription plan pricing here.

Back ups

Every website is protected with our sophisticated multi-layer back-up system, built to cope with both "disaster recovery" and "accident recovery". In the unlikely event of a catastrophic server failure or user error, you can be assured that we've got your website and content covered.

PCI Compliance

We are extremely serious about security, with our server infrastructure and Evance software undergoing rigorous network and intrusion detection tests on a regular basis. Evance is also regularly updated to comply with our high PCI compliance Level 2 ranking.

Flexible with all budgets

Evance is built to work for all kinds of clients and budgets. With this in mind our Theme Library has been curated to carefully consider all price points without compromising on functionality. 

Budget friendly

All Partners receive a 50% discount on Official Evance Themes, which you are free to customise and rework however you like. What makes our Official Evance Themes special is that they are built to include all standard Evance functionality straight out of the box and are all up-to-date.


With EVML, you have the freedom to either build a website from scratch for your client, or work off the back of an existing Official Evance Theme. 

Earn income without lifting a single finger

We love our Partners and appreciate all the hard work they've done to help Evance grow. As a small token of our gratitude, all Evance Partners enrolled in our Partner Programme are eligible for the following monetary bonuses:

20% monthly revenue share

For every site you build or design on Evance for your clients, we pay you back 20% of their subscription fee every month. All you need to do is get them to join our platform and everyone reaps the benefits.

85% share for each self-designed theme

When you build your own theme, you can sell and advertise it through our global marketplace at no extra cost. We pay back 85% of each sale back to the creator. This is a great opportunity for Partners who want to dive into EVML and reach wider markets.

You can find out more about our Partner Programme here.

Want to find out more?

If you would like to find out more about Evance and its features, please follow the links below.

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