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02 Sep 2014

6 Social Media Rules to Follow for an eCommerce Business

In today's market place, having a SUCCESSFUL social media presence can strongly influence your business's success. For big brands like Coca-Cola and Nike, creating and maintaining a social media following is a lot easier due to size, resource and reputation but that doesn't mean that your business can’t have the same scalable success.  I have a set of 6 rules I follow when managing your social media pages.


1. Quality not quantity

You are better to have 50 active followers that like and care about your product, business or service than 500 non-active followers that don’t. Make sure you are posting quality content, like links to products, other blogs, images and thoughts. Don't feel like you have to post 5 things a day, it’s all about quality over quantity.


2. It has its own voice

Just like your brand, shop layout or radio advertising, your social media should have it’s own tone of voice. Do some research into your competitors and similar brands and see what their tone of voice is and choose what you think is right for you.


3.  Walk the talk

If you are engaging with your followers regularly, it’s a sign that you have a successful social media page; even if it’s not always positive feedback, part of being social is communicating and engaging with people. Make sure you spend the time to interact with your followers.


4. Watch the clock

Look at your time, you should be engaging with your followers daily so look at your own time each day and block out the time you can allow. Put it in your calendar and stick to the time every day. You need to find the right time to post content, we use buffer to schedule our posts.


5. Be the shepherd not the sheep

To create interest and engagement don’t say what everyone else is saying, DON’T share the same things as everybody else. For example we all know when there's a tube strike in London because 5,000 companies have already posted it. However, you could post that your closest station is having delays due to engineering works and the next closest station to you is..... Once you have a tone of voice and know your audience, then you can post relevant content. You'll get better results if your social activity is more focused and deliberate.


6. It’s not about you, it’s about your customers

Social media is not an advertising platform. However, in the right circumstance it can be used sporadically to promote the latest sale or offering. For example a new brand in your clothing store is okay, but promoting a new business meeting with a potential client not okay. It’s important to have the right balance between non-promotional and promotional tweets. I would say for every 10 – 15 non-promotional tweets you can have 1 promotional tweet.

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