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05 Aug 2014

Plan your Meta Tagging

We have created a document to help you when you are planning your meta information, it is always to best optimise your site with unique content. We suggestto download the document and print one for each page you have on your site. Once you have printed the documents, write a title tag, meta description and meta keywords per page and follow the guide below.

Title Tags

Between 50-60 Characters (includes spaces)

Title Tag

Search engines look at your Title Tag to help choose what classification your product or services will fall into. Your meta title should portray the; page title, two of your top keywords/key-phrase and your company name. The Title Tags will also display at the top of the computer screen when visitors arrive on that page.   You should utilize your title tag to show what your business is called, what products or services are key to this site page and possibly where you are based.

For example

Meta Tagging | Suffolk   Web Development - Ipswich Web Design | Evance  

Page Title | Primary Keyword - Secondary Keyword | Company Name

Meta Description

Max of 255 Characters (includes spaces)

Meta Description

When you do a search on the web, you'll see that under the meta title, there are 2 lines of content that give you a representation of what is on that particular page. This is your meta description and the web crawlers will utilise this to choose how relevant your website is to the search terms that have been put in. A decent meta description can truly help to drive quality traffic to your webpage, so write unique content! You should join your key expressions that are applicable to the page content in your meta description, and use it to push your products or services.

Meta Keywords

Max of 255 Characters (includes spaces)

Meta Keywords

Meta keywords don't have the same significances in your SEO as they used to, yet it will do you truly no harm to incorporate them anyway. You will have effectively distinguished your keywords and phrases at the beginning of your SEO campaign, so utilize these as a part of your site's code to strengthen your site's presence and quality.

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