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13 Jun 2013

5 ways to gain repeat ecommerce orders

Advertising and marketing your shop is a tiring and expensive operation. So it's important to capitalise on your eCommerce customer database and get those cheaper repeat sales.

Pimp your packaging

How special do you feel when you get a package in the mail? Dressing up your packaging takes a little longer, but that small effort makes you much more memorable. Sojo Mobile wrapped each order individually using recycled red tissue paper and matching red bubble wrap sealed with a single "thank you" sticker designed to suit their brand. "Although it took a while to find the right materials we received several emails, even letters, from customers who enjoyed opening their packaging". Sojo made themselves stand out through their packaging, which encouraged repeat custom and excellent customer relations. "Our customers were very happy with the service, but the fact they'd received a well presented personal gift to themselves was extra special and many actively asked to review us without prompting".

Discount coupons

Offering discounts on your products can seem like you're eating into your profits, and let's not forget how much it cost to get each customer in the first place. However, your dispatch process is a marketing effort in its own right and, since you've got to ship your amazing produce out the door anyway, it's the ideal way to re-enforce your brand. Offering a 10% discount on a customer's next purchase suddenly doesn't seem so bad. So why not include a discount coupon in each shipment - it's a tried and tested way of increasing repeat business.

Keep in touch, but not too much

You might be surprised to know that email marketing is still more effective than social engagement. Why? Because, assuming you're ethical with your mailing list, your recipients are already a warm lead and putting a newsletter or offer in front of their nose is still an effective way to increase repeat business. 

The retail market in particular is a fickle place. Don't assume just because a customer purchased from you that they'll remember you in 3 months time. If you're not refreshing their memory the likely hood is, someone else will. I myself have been racking my brains to remember where I purchased an undisclosed product from (it's not rude don't worry), but I gave up and hit Google again. 

Ask the question "how did we do?"

Don't be afraid to get feedback from your customers. Not everyone will oblige a survey request, but at the very least the request itself shows that you care what your customers think of you, your products and your service. Getting good feedback is great and it's what we strive for. But, even if you get a bad feedback from a customer it's an opportunity. Don't be afraid to tackle their problem head on and contact them personally to see whether you can resolve their particular issue, or improve your products or service.          

Say "thank you"

It might seem like a small thing, but saying "thank you" elevates your kudos with customers. We live in a fast paced world, but taking the time to slip a thank you note in with your shipments, or sending an email, establishes a personal rapport between your customer and you. And, if your customers feel valued, they are more likely to value you, approach you and purchase from you again.

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