Questions & Answers

Many of the questions we're frequently asked

Membership has a growing number of members in our community, but often they've had question before joining.

Why is more expensive than a hosting account?

Membership fees include a lot more than hosting. In essence your membership is divided up into the existing software licencing, hosting, support, security, and perpetual upgrades.

Are there any contracts to sign?

No, obviously we hope that you'll love and won't want to leave, but if you do decide to leave our fabulous company you're free to do so. 

Can I upgrade/downgrade between plans?

Yes, because you're not tied into a contract you're able to upgrade/downgrade at any time.

Hosting is a full hosted solution, which means we worry about the infrastructure so you don't have to.

Do I need to have my own website address?

Whilst we recommend having your own URL it is not required to get started. We'll provide you with an URL to access your site.

Can I use with a subdomain?

Yes, we can host your site on any domain or subdoman.

Can I host on my own server? is a cloud based software as a service, which means everything is hosted on our purpose-built infrastructure. Sorry you can't download our software to host on your own server.

Can I get more storage if I need it?

Yes, whilst all price plans come with a default amount of storage, you are able to have more. In fact, we will contact you if your site goes over your storage limit. You may purchase added storage at any time, simply contact us.

Will you host my email?

Whilst we are able to provide POP3 and IMAP mail services we strongly recommend using a dedicated email service such as Google Apps for your email accounts.

How much bandwidth am I allowed?

Bandwidth is unlimited on all of our subscriptions. This means we do not place any limits on traffic going to your site. We believe that our subscribers shouldn't be penalised for having a popular website. We may, in rare circumstances, contact you if your site is using unusually high levels of bandwidth affecting other subscribers detrimentally. 

Taking payments on-line

E-commerce continues to expand, but the ins and outs of trading on-line continue baffle even seasoned traders.

Do I need my own merchant account?

If you'd like to accept credit/debit cards through a payment gateway other than PayPal Express then you will require your own merchant account. We'll be happy to assist you if you need help.

Do you charge transaction fees?

No, we will not charge transaction fees on your sales on top of any other merchant facility or payment gateway - we wouldn't want to eat into your profits. The membership fee you sign up to is all that you will pay.

Is PCI Compliant?

Yes, in fact Azexis Ltd, our legal entity, is a Visa Approved Merchant Agent. We're regularly monitored for security vulnerabilities both on our network and software.


Security is one of our top concerns, it turns out it's high on your list too - just as it should be.

Do I need my own SSL Certificate?

We recommend that you have your own premium SSL certificate, but it is not a requirement. All of our membership fees include a shared 256-bit SSL certificate. If you would like to buy your own SSL Certificate we have a variety available for purchase.

Will my site be backed up?

Yes, we have a comprehensive backup system in place. Individual website content and data is backed up daily to an off-server location. All servers have disaster recovery snapshots taken every two hours located locally and within an alternative data centre. 

Disaster recovery is reassuring, but what if you accidentally delete a bunch of data? Fear not, we also have what we call "accident recovery". All site content and data is backed up daily into an environment that allows us rapid access to restore your data. 

Is PCI Compliant?

Didn't we just have this one? Yes we did, but it's so important we thought it was worth mentioning twice. Azexis Ltd, our legal entity, is a Visa Approved Merchant Agent. We're regularly monitored for security vulnerabilities both on our network and software.


Why have I not heard of before?

Become a member and you'll be helping us to remedy that problem.