301 Redirects

Evance automates a number of redirect rules, particularly 301 redirects. 

Whenever you change the URI of a web page, category or product, its original URI is saved for historical reference. This allows Evance to 301 redirect users to the latest URI when visiting an old URL for a page. 

Similarly, Evance can maintain a list of domain names for your website. Users visiting your website on a domain that is not your preferred domain will be 301 redirected to your preferred domain.

Evance also automates SSL renewals and enforces HTTPS everywhere when an SSL certificate is available. If a user visits on an HTTP connection they will be 301 redirected to an HTTPS connection.

Adding historical URLs manually

The addition and management of 301 redirects is available for you to control from within Evance.

  • Add 301 redirects in bulk in Settings
  • Import 301 redirects in bulk via CSV
  • Add 301 redirects for a Page
  • Add 301 redirects for a Category
  • Add 301 redirects for a Product

In all cases 301 redirects MUST be internal. Evance does not currently allow you to redirect off-site. 

COVID-19 NOTICE – Business as Usual
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