Some help on how cookies are used on Evance based websites.

Essential Cookies

The following are standard Evance cookies and their expiry period. 

Session – expires once the session ends (often close of browser).

Remember me/security - 90 days

Saved cart – 1 year

Recently viewed products/pages - 90 days.

3rd Party Cookies

For 3rd party cookies we recommend that these only hold anonymised data (no personal or personally identifiable data). For some third parties this is a setting. For example, Google Analytics should have “Remarketing” and “Advertising Features” turned off in the data collection settings on the Google Analytics settings panel. 

We also recommend that when using Hotjar, care should be taken to ensure that the setting are such that personal data cannot be unintentionally collected.

We do not recommend the use of 3rd party cookies that collect personal data and therefore Evance does not have an opt in facility for these types of cookies.