We're making websites more creative

let's push the boundaries on what traditional websites
should look like and create something really special

We've teamed up with Pop My Mind to see what artists create when lifting the constraints from traditional web design. Imagine what websites would look like with no rules..... stay tuned and you'll see! 

What's Pop My Mind?

Pop My Mind is a curated online hub for artists of all disciplines. Their community are challenged to produce new work in response to each other's work, making the hub a springboard for fresh ideas and dynamic creativity.

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We're challenging Poppers (creatives that are part of the Pop My Mind community) to design an inventive way of showcasing creative work via a website inspired by one of the three words; Edge, Vivid and New-Wave.

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The end result

At the end of their 8 week project, each Popper will present their answer to a what they think is the best way to showcase their service or products.
We'll be judging the best of the best.

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